Tritek Circuit Products was established in 1991 as a full-service distributor to the Printed Circuit Fabrication and Chemical Milling industry.

Our mission is to supply top of the line products with unequaled service to bring enhanced value to our customers.

That original charter has grown to include a full complement of products and services from imaging, plating, etching, Chemical Milling, Metal Finishing all the way through waste treatment.


The Tritek Sales/Service team has a broad range of expertise with almost 200 years of combined industry experience. With warehouses both in central Orange County and the Bay Area, we have geographically positioned ourselves to serve all our customers in the most convenient way possible for them.


We are proud to represent industry leaders in the Printed Circuit Fabrication and Chemical Milling industries, they are AccuSystems Corporation, Altix Automa-Tech, Chemcut Corporation, DuPont Electronic Materials and Miles Chemical Company.

Tritek is recognized as a leader in the industry and prides itself on providing a complete package of products, service and expertise that equates to real solutions for our customers!

Tritek Circuit Products is a full service distributor to the printed circuit fabrication industry.

Chemical Clean · Innerlayer Dry Films  · Laser Imageable Dry Film ·  Developer ·

Etchant · Resist Stripper · Brown Oxide / Alternative Oxide

Strip - Etch - Strip

Resist Stripper · Etchant · Tin/Solder Stripper

Electroless Nickel/Gold

Pretreat line · Electroless Nickel · Immersion Gold


Dry Film Soldermask 1.6, 2.3, 3.0, & 4.0ml

Wet Process Controllers

S-Systems Controllers · TekTrollers

Process Equipment

All Conveyorized Wet Processing Equipment · V Scoring Systems · Exposure Systems

Making Holes Conductive

Desmear (Multilayer) · Cleaner · Microetch · Catalyst · Electroless Copper


Dry Film Plating Resists, 2.0, 2.5, & 3.0ml · Laser Imageable Plating Resist

Electrolytic Plating

Pre-Plate Line · Pulse Plating · Acid Copper · Acid Tin-Tin/Lead · Nickel - Gold

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